Qlipper Blossom VD Bleuken


170 cm
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Qlipper Blossom VD Bleuken




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The start of winter season
The start of winter season

As we head into our winter season and indoor shows, we thought we should have a recap on summer at Old Granary Stables!

Shortly after our first trip to Hickstead in June, we said goodbye to two great horses from our stables. Both 7 year olds, Luigi and Qlipper Blossom headed off to new homes. Although it was very difficult to see them go, we’ve enjoyed watching them both competing with their new owners.

It was a dream to have 2 young horses in our yard like Luigi and Qlipper Blossom, and produce them to their 7 year old year and we will now enjoy following their success with the new riders. 💙💫

Throughout the rest of the summer, we’ve been focusing on training the horses and clients left at home, as well as welcoming new members to the team! 💪🏼

We also welcomed an old face back to the yard. Zeitgeist (Eric) has come home to drop down and enjoy life. 👴🏼
We have spent the last month going to local shows with Lulu jumping Eric, and new rider Flo with her horse Liancara. Both horses have been coming home with results in 1st or 2nd place! 🥇🥈

Another old face who has returned to the yard is Poppy! After completing racing school, Poppy has come back to OGS as our full time weekday and show groom! 👏🏼

We now have some indoor shows planned with our team of new and old faces. Keep an eye on our website and social media pages for updates and videos of our winter show preparations! 💙💫

Hickstead round up! ✨
Hickstead round up! ✨

The team had a very successful trip to the first Hickstead of the season! We had 3 horses competing from our stables, with a couple of other horses and riders jumping who also train with us. ✨

Qlipper Blossom VD Bleuken produced nothing but impressive clear rounds throughout the show, starting our Hickstead season as we mean to go on!

Hannah and Flynn jumped some great rounds, which included being placed out of a class of nearly 200 riders!

Ellie and OS Chateau Latour had a very successful show, stepping up to the 1.20 classes with ease, looking promising for the summer ahead.

All of the OGS students showcased their work and training we have been doing throughout the year to work towards jumping these more technical and challenging tracks like the ones at Hickstead. All horses and riders did the team proud!

Now back to work, to prepare for the next show. 🫶

Dallas is done ✔️
Dallas is done ✔️

A successful weekend was had for the horses at Dallas Burton!
Luigi, Qlipper Blossom, Jabari and Os Chateau Latour all jumped some great clears, picking up placings and jumping impressive rounds! 🚀

Qlipper Blossom was the star of day 1, finishing 7th in a strong class. 🏵️

Luigi and Chateau Latour came out on top for day 2, jumping great clears for lower placings. 🏵️

The final day was Jabari’s time to shine, finishing the show with a 5th place. 🏵️

The Old Granary pony team was also out competing this weekend with Amalie and Tabby, all coming home with clears and promising rounds! The next show for the whole team will be the mixed show at Wales. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Our work and training throughout the winter is paying off, with each horse, pony and rider improving every show we go too.

The summer season is looking very exciting for our team! 💙🫶