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Amalie is this weeks star ⭐️
Amalie is this weeks star ⭐️

Earlier in the year we had a new member join the team for our youngest rider, Amalie Bearman.

Amalie now has a very exciting new mare called Coshla Philippa (Misty) to run alongside her other 148 Kriso. We’ve spend the last few weeks training at home and at school hires to give the new combination time to get to know one another.

We spend a couple of weeks focusing on flat and pole work, which helped Amalie understand the importance of ride ability in the ponies, and the ground work that has to go into them to enable the ponies and rider to perform to best of their abilities.
Amalie’s hard work over half term paid off as ventured out on Sunday to a show with both ponies, to come home with multiple placings and clear rounds!

Amalie and Misty jumped 2 perfect clears in the British Novice and Discovery, a very promising start for these two. Amalie stuck to plan we had made during our course walk to produce textbook rounds with both ponies, also jumping clear with Kriso.

Amalie showed knowledge and talent beyond her years the last few weeks by learning every day and putting everything she had learnt into practise at the show. It’s very impressive to walk the course with an 11 year old and have her understand and take on board each instruction, distance and which lines to ride to each fence to then see her riding exactly how we had planned to in the ring.

It was a great start to the outdoor season for our pony team, with a very exciting summer ahead! Top job Amalie. 👏🏼

Winter training ❄️
Winter training ❄️

We are lucky to have show centres such as Addington holding training shows for us to attend through the winter. These training days enable the horses and riders to warm up in a show environment, but train in the ring without the pressure of a show, allowing combinations to train and improve.

The whole team had a very successful day on Sunday, with all horses jumping clear!
Hannah took her two horses, Scooby and Flynn, both jumping great rounds.
Lulu took 4 from the yard, each of them feeling great and jumping clear. 💙💫

Thank you to the team at Addington for running these training days, and keeping everything going so smoothly and efficiently! We can’t wait to go back!

Amalie Bearman was also out representing the Old Granary team with her ponies, Kriso and new pocket rocket Misty. 🚀 Amalie produced some great rounds, riding with maturity far beyond her years. The year is going to be very exciting for Amalie and her ponies, with big things planned! We will continue training this week before heading out to another show at the weekend for this great little team. 👌🏼

A successful start 🚀💙💫
A successful start 🚀💙💫

Our first show of the year was a successful one, with all horses jumping some super rounds! 🚀

It was great to be back in the ring with the horses and back at shows with the team.

Hannah rode some impressive rounds, picking up multiple clears with her two horses and riding more consistently and effectively than ever! Showing all the hard work that she has been putting into our training over the last few months. 💪🏼

It was great to see Chris and Celisi back in the ring and getting back into the swing of things, jumping clear after a few years out while Celisi had some lovely foals. 🐴

New team member Ellie made her show debut with us, with some impressive results, including jumping clear in her first ever 1.15! 👌🏼

Luigi, Qlipper Blossom VD Bleuken and Jabari all jumped lovely clear rounds, making the first show of the year a very enjoyable one, also giving us a very positive and exciting start to the year.

The star of the show was Jabari, jumping nothing but clears all weekend. Very excited for his future! 💙💫

Massive thanks to the team for all the help and support over the weekend, making these shows possible.

Thank you to Lois for being a fantastic show groom, we couldn’t have done it without you!
Also thanks to Kasey for keeping the yard at home running. Always appreciate your grooms, the people who get things sorted and organised behind the scenes and take care of our horses. 💙💫